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Are you finding it difficult to find a web designer that truly understands what your business is about….and can create a web presence that reflects who you are, what you do, and how you do it?

We take the time to listen first, then we build.

We know how the web works but you know your business. The most successful websites are the one’s that reflect the personality and style of the business being viewed, and that can only be achieved by finding out all we can about your business before beginning work. You know your products, your clients, your competition, your marketing strategy, your budgets and your success criteria.

By finding out how your business works from the outset enables us to design the ideal website for your purposes.

We understand that having a website built for your business is a major undertaking, in both time and money, so we aim to get it right for you from the word go.

Before we build, we think.

With a clear idea of your business, we can then spend time drawing up some ideas for layouts, styles, color schemes and navigation through the site.

By drawing up our ideas helps us communicate the way we see the site working, to test out layouts, and obtain feedback, all without having laid a finger on a keyboard.

Why waste time and money getting it wrong late on in the development, we prefer to get things wrong early… and on paper.

Our committment doesn’t end once the site is live.

At CLICK Web Development we like having clients we can build long-term relationships with.

We like to think that building the site is just the start of the relationship. With new ideas becoming available almost daily, we see it as our job to be the eyes and ears for your websites’ development.

An example of this was the recent launch of Internet Explorer 8. This new browser has some features that made older sites look and function horribly! We were aware of this potential problem for our clients before it was even released.
We were able to add some extra coding to our clients’ websites that ensured that anybody viewing their website in the new Internet Explorer 8 did not get a jumbled mess but viewed their sites as they were designed to be seen.

All just part of the service…

When we build, or even re-build websites we include most, if not all, of the following elements:

  • Fully researched keywords for homepage
  • HTML and CSS validation
  • Optimised pages (for search engine optimisation)
  • Google Sitemaps (for search engine optimisation)
  • Submission to all major search engines
  • Google Analytics to track site visitor trends
  • Print-friendly stylesheets
  • Support for IE, Firefox & Safari (PC & Macs)
  • De-bugging – for the life of the site.
  • Friendly telephone support for the life of the site.

What we don’t do.

We don’t tie anybody into CLICK Web Development.
The work we do for you is yours, totally and completely yours. This includes domain username, passwords, graphics, html files, flash projects…in fact everything! You paid for it. It’s yours.
We like to think you will want to remain a client of ours because of our service. Find out more about Click Web Development – Great Web Design Southampton and Hampshire

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